Terms of Use

ISTA North America LLC doing business as the International Sports Technology Association, operates and manages these pages as a publically accesible industry directory and guide to helping connect business to global markets. Any attempted use that is not authorized by ISTA will be deleted. All content and traffic is monitored daily to ensure a strict compliance and relevant business association. ISTA reserves the right to delete any content which is offensive to business or the public while considering culutral, racism, nationalism, religious, or lewed images.  

Business Listing Removal 

The businesses in our database were accumlated from research conducted from across the public internet. No paid or licensed listing service was utilized to develop our database of companies. Businesses who wish to be removed from this directory should email info@istassociation.com

The servies offered and pricing levels available within the directory will change. All business listings have an annual renewal date which may or may not provide continuous pricing and same access from year to year.  

General Agreement   

By joining or claiming your business listing, a legal agent called a representative agrees to a reoccuring annual business page which may require a fee. Additonal fees may exist for sports specific product pages which are linked to the business listing. Other services beyond linking product or service pages may include access to advertising space, press release hosting, event or conference listings, or promotional offers. Please check your partnership level to understand what services are available for an additonal cost. We enourgae all partners to log in once every quarter to check thier partnership level status and any asscociated changes to the account. ISTA will notify all account representatives of any changes via the email provided by the registered owner, if any change is not acceptable please notify us immediately at info@istassociation.com   

Business or Product Reviews

All reviews are forwarded unedited to the business partner rep. No editing of any kind will be conducted by ISTA staff or contractors. ISTA saff or contractors are not responsible or liable for any third party opinions expressed on our pages. All reviews will be forwarded to the company represenative within 24 hours of submission. It is up the business listing owner to notify ISTA staff regarding the review, to accept (publish) or block the review within 48 hours. If the reviewed business does not respond with 48 hours a notificaiton will be sent to the business listing representative. Given 72 hours of attempted reconcilation with no repsonse from the reviewed business, ISTA will suspend the businesses listing permenantly or until a repsonse has been issued. Not all business or product listings will have a review section, if you wish to remove business, product, service or event reviews capability please contact info@istassociation.com


All business partner's agree to annual renewal and are subject to reoccuring payments based on active services such as business listing, event listing, product listing, press release hosting, or promotions offering. If at anytime a business partner was wrongfully charged for a service that is no longer deemed active, please contact info@istassociation.com All payments are made through a third party merchant gateway via credit card and are believed to be secure based on typcial PCI complaince. ISTA North America does not have access to any credit card information. Inovices (PDFs) may be generated and mailed upon request. Otherwise there are no refunds or credit charge backs unless authorized by ISTA North America.