Tracking Technologies or Software Platforms, which are more important in the world of Sports ?

We have now seen so many tracking technologies available to the Sports markets, for the professional athletes and us regular folks. all of the technologies come with some type of visualization - analytical software, iOS based, Android based and server /cloud based. Hardware will come and go. Smaller companies without a big marketing budget will either be acquired by the larger hungrier 800 LB gorilla, or simply go out of business because they can't compete. ( Pebble vs. Fitbit )

After 35 years as the CEO of a technology company, the one fact that remains a constant, is that there is something new about to hit the market that's better, more accurate and more cost effective. Sensor Tracking Hardware is a commodity based industry, and subject to the volatility that any commodity based products are subject to.

The Analytical Software Platform universe is the Hub of this universe and all the sensor technology hardware companies are the spokes.

These sensor based technologies ( let's call it IoT) generate so much data in realtime, it's become the major stumbling block for data scientists to determine what to do with all the collected data. Just because you're a data scientist, and you are an expert at writing algorithms, doesn't mean you truly understand the needs of the user/client who hired you to put usable, actionable insights in front of the decision makers. To accomplish that task successfully, the data scientist must also be a "Domain Expert".

Within all this collected data, from all the available technologies, ( positional tracking, metabolic tracking, optical tracking, sweat sensor tracking...etc...) these is vital Hidden Information.

Try if you will, envisioning a "dataset" as a human being with a vast, almost unlimited amount of available memory to store all of this information in realtime. Then envision yourself asking this "human being" ( dataset ) a series of questions you'd like answered. The answers are presented in the form of "Insights". It's then up to the domain expert, and management to apply these newly presented insights for the optimal results in decision making.

This novel approach to data, is different than the typical AI approach to getting true value from the data. I like to address this approach "Intelligence Augmentation".

A platform that approaches datasets from this disruptive perspective, holds the "universal key" as to how all the different stakeholders in this emerging, tech driven world of sports will unlock the hidden data, and use the insights to create better decisions, and optimal outcomes. This platform exists today. If the resulting insights are fused with several of the other leading analytical platforms, it will become the "universal translator" of data. Dashboards are nice and easy to read, while pie charts and graphs, are commonly used in the world of analytics. But direct answers to specific questions, that generate actionable insights....that's where tomorrow's value should be today.

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24 Aug 2017

By Raphael Feldman