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TechTalks - Meet the Speakers

by Sports Technology Awards on

Learn More About the Speakers Attending the TechTalks... Read full article

Switzerland Global Enterprise Sponsors New Sports Technology Initiative

by STA on

Switzerland Revealed as Sports Technology Talks’ Presenting Nation... Read full article

2018 STA Shortlist

by STA on

Last week, the 2018 Sports Technology Awards shortlist was revealed, featuring all facets of the sports sector.... Read full article

New Awards for Sports Tech Start Ups Launches

by ENS Ltd on

The Sports Technology Awards Group has today (17th January) announced the launch of the STA Start Ups, its latest initiative which is dedicated to young companies globally.... Read full article

Q / A with Lena Kadlec Sport Nutritionist Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Germany

by 1. Lena Kadlec Sport Nutritionist on

Conversation with Lena Kadlec Sport Nutritionist Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Germany, about importance of nutrition science... Read full article

Q / A with Scot McAllister, Head of Physiotherapy Academy Manchester City F.C.

by Scot McAllister, UK on

Q/A with one of the speakers, who joined us for Biomechanics in Athlete Development Summit... Read full article

The Top Trends in Sports Tech (2018)

by Sports Technology Awards on

An insightful look at technology trends based on several years of reviewing and comparing technologies across the sports industry. Rebecca has a keen eye for spotting trends affecting the field of sports technology.... Read full article

Tracking Technologies or Software Platforms, which are more important in the world of Sports ?

by Raphael Feldman on

Tracking Sensors or Software Platforms...Which Are More Important?... Read full article