FanWide ( is a free website and app that connects sports fans from every team in any city. FanWide promotes in-person game watch parties and develops local fan communities for every pro, college, and international team at sports bars nationwide. Since launching in 2016, Seattle-based FanWide has promoted almost 400,000 events at 10,000 hosts for 11,000 fan clubs! Millions of out-of-market fans can use the free FanWide website or app to find the closest viewing party for their favorite team, wherever they are living or traveling, by accessing the world's largest database of sports fan clubs. See FanWide in action on NBC King 5's Evening Show (   The sports bars bid against each other to host the event using FanWide's patent-pending event auction system, and the hosts guarantee that the team's games will be featured with sound! Fan clubs and alumni associations use FanWide's services to expand their network, organize events, communicate with local fans, collect and report attendance data, enter contests, receive donations, and activate food or drink discounts from the event host or team sponsors. Fans from around the country check in at events to receive promotions or discount, and report watch party attendance. This is used to improve accuracy for Out-Of-Home TV ratings, so broadcast and advertising partners can see a measurable increase in viewership from the younger audience that is unsubscribing from cable.   Sports teams and leagues can use FanWide's Sports Data Platform to analyze fan engagement, and all of FanWide’s services can be integrated within the team’s own website or app. FanWide also offers partners new targeted advertising channels through its digital platform, and on-site activations during thousands of in-person events which function like an "extended stadium", allowing sponsors to engage any team’s most loyal fans in any city. FanWide was founded by former Microsoft, Google and Amazon engineers with a passion for sports, and the company has five patents pending. Long-term FanWide wants to provide the world's leading platform to automatically match hosts with fans of any interest group, including esports, gaming, TV shows, politics, board games, trivia, and more.


FanWide Technologies Inc.
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